Jean-Michel Basquiat

Without question Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of my favorite artist to come out of New York.  In the early 90’s I had the opportunity to see his work at MOMA and of course at that time I knew of him but never had seen any of his work in person.  I can remember standing in front of one of his paintings and just thinking  I can do this, but as I continued to look at his work I realize there was a lot more going on than kid like paintings.  You look at his work and it’s simplistic, bold and deep at the same time.   An article in the New York Times a few years ago tilted Hip-Hop Finds an Artist to Believe in .  Rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West and Rick Ross, bringing his story and work to the attention of a new generation. Jay-Z begins a verse in the song with the couplet “Inspired by Basquiat, my chariot’s on fire /Everybody took shots, hit my body up, I’m tired,” and in later verses makes reference to the pressures of escaping the ghetto but not its stigma.jean-michel-basquiat-hip-hop

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